Me flying :)

“Almost a Hero *”

"Almost a Hero, that's me."

I'm a cutie from an unknown space -- NaitLee.

Many softwares have a newest type of build called "Nightly", It is though, unstable, but always growing, shining future with the lightest possibility.

"My enemies are my customers."

It's high time should big companies stop abusing normal people.

What in my mind is to make normal people able to enjoy the benefits of technology (computer), but not be controlled by so-called "professional", "big data", "cloud computing", or what so over.

Know more about GNU and its philosophy now!

My Projects

"Mine, glory is mine!"

Takeback Template for HFS

New generation of file sharing!

Super-Tpl HFS template creation toolchain

More energy for big templates!


Python3 implementation of HTTP File Server

Market Helper

"As a manager of a shop, helping staffs and customers with a software can be great, right?"

i18n.js-lite Localization Script

"Light, simple, but enough."


"There's good in everyone."

Image of my skills

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* Almost a Hero: a fun idle clicker mobile game. Some sayings here are from it.